Treatments for Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer's EarSwimmer’s ear occurs due to the sensitivity of the ear epithelium in a wet medium. At humidity the skin pores open and the ear skin changes like the skin of the washing hands.

Swimmer’s ear is the ear long-held under water (bath, shower). Cleaned up it removes the protective layer of the skin and weakens protection against bacteria which will cause an inflammation.

Swimmer’s ear – symptoms

Itching is usually the onset of swimmer’s ear and then may occur ear pain, from mild to very strong. Because of the bacteria that multiply there can appear an infection that requires disclosure to the doctor and treatment with antibiotics.

Treatments for ear pain and itching

  • For itching in the ear and wet sensation in the ear you can take ear drops from pharmacies that will dry it.
  • It is important if you swim, to keep your head to the surface.
  • Silicone or wax plugs are important to plug your ears when entering in the water, even in the shower, to protect them from a worsening situation.
  • Heat gives ameliorates earache.
  • Beware to remove ear wax , which has a protective role against moisture and also has a bacteria culture that helps.
  • If missing, the wax can be replaced successfully with Vaseline. You can put vaseline on a wool plug and will take over the role of ear wax: to heat, to dry and to protect wet ear.
  • White vinegar and/or medicinal alcohol play a role in killing bad bacteria. It won’t help you get rid of the infection but will protect you. It is important if you have a perforated eardrum to not drip anything in any way in the ear! If you have a healthy eardrum the medicinal alcohol or the vinegar is dripped in the ill ear that stands up while you are lying on the side and move to help the fluid to penetrate better. Then you change the side to drain the fluid. You can also put baby oil and with the same method and warnings, recommended before you enter in swimming pools.
  • Of course be sure to swim in clean water and without hearing aid in the ear if you are a carrier, elementary to remove the risk of symptoms (pain, itching of the ears ) for swimmer’s ear.

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