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Breastfeeding – useful tips

BreastfeedingBreastfeeding. If you did not know, we tell you that breast milk is the only natural food that is close to perfection. Between mother and child will be created a strong link.

The composition of breast milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs for proper and healthy development. Another advantage is the power of milk to protect against infections (reduces risk of pneumonia in the first 12 months of life, reduces the risk of allergies and otitis).

What can you do to achieve a successful breastfeeding

  • The first tip is to not give your baby a bottle or pacifier or in case you want to give him squeezed breast milk. Do this in the first month for the baby to create a sucking reflex.
  • Do you have pain during suckling? It is not normal to have pain. Ask for help from nurses, midwives or a counselor who deals with these issues.
  • Position of your baby ‘s mouth is essential: he must have his mouth wide open when touching the breast. The nipple should be in his mouth within a radius up to 2 cm. If the baby sucks one breast, let it rest and move it to the other only when no swallows or begins to fall asleep. Between exchange of breasts make him burp.
  • During a feeding use both breasts. When he lost interest for a breast, change the breast. Next time you start breastfeeding begin with the breast from which the baby sucked last time.
  • The baby should be fed more often because breast milk is digested quickly. Let him suck 8-12 times per day, especially in the first weeks.
  • You have irritation and want to strengthen your nipples? We do not recommend you to make massage or other maneuvers. The solution is to sit in a comfortable position during breastfeeding.
  • If you have withdrawn nipples from the 6th month it would be better to use artificial nipples that aspire withdrawn nipples. Use them fifteen minutes a day.
  • Soap dries nipples, so do not use it. On the areola you can find some bumps: these are the glands that produce a substance with antiseptic role.
  • Allow nipples to dry outdoors.
  • Cracks on your nipples can be treated with your milk. Dry your nipples and then put a little milk on it. The explanation lies in the composition of milk in lubricants and natural antibiotics.
  • Nursing bras: must be a little bigger than bra cup used during pregnancy.
  • Milk ducts can become blocked if you wear a dress too tight, if tired, if not breastfed for a while. If a duct is blocked it can lead to infection. You can recognize it if you feel pain and a hard to the touch area. Using circular motions, massage the breast from top to bottom and let your baby to feed at this breast.
  • Do you have more milk and your breasts feel full: Put warm compresses on the breasts and try to feed your baby more often.
  • If you lose milk press the nipple with your palm.
  • Stop smoking: if you smoke you will produce a much smaller quantity of milk and much poorer in vitamin C.
  • Be careful what medications and recreational drugs you use. They can be transmitted to baby and proper development will be jeopardized.

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