Tinnitus – causes, treatments

Tinnitus ear anatomyTinnitus is represented by ringing, crackling, buzzing noises, which actually do not exist in reality but are heard only by the patient.

It is believed that the destruction of microscopic components of the cells from the ear that help us hear is the cause of tinnitus.

The causes of these injuries: listening to music at very high volume, repetitive noises, problems with blood circulation. Hyperacusis is a symptom that occurs very often in those with tinnitus (high sensitivity to sounds). Tinnitus can occur at any age.

Tips and recommendations for prevention and improvement of tinnitus

  • Avoid factors that lead to hearing cells damage: music at high volume, high power motors. A test to determine if ambient noise is too strong: stand at 2 meters of someone and try to tell him something. If you have to raise your voice for the person to hear then surely the noise is too heavy.
  • Do not raise up the music volume in-car, in loud clubs or when listening to music through headphones. Otherwise, tinnitus will not delay to appear.
  • Earplugs are great when you know you will have to deal with a deafening noise. In music stores you can found the best earplugs because they have plugs that let you hear the music clearly, but at a much lower intensity.
  • If you work in noisy environment: wear earmuffs.
  • The easiest way to cope a loud noise is to hum something. Humming will help you cover the noise.
  • A helpful tip is to let your hairs grow a little over the ears. Tinnitus can be stopped in evolution.
  • Whenever you spent some time in noise leave the ears at least 16 hours to rest.
  • Have you lost your hearing? Hearing aids can help you successfully.
  • At night you can hear the tinnitus more intense (though not so serious, because of the silence around). Put a background sound such as the sound of the radio when the frequency is between stations.
  • The brain will ignore the tinnitus if you wear a sound generator (you can find it in the offices of audiology).
  • Worsening of tinnitus can be caused by: red wine , chocolate, because these products contain sulfites.
  • Meniere’s syndrome can be a cause of tinnitus. To improve you should eat a smaller amount of salt.
  • Caffeine can raise the intensity of tinnitus. Coffee, tea and cola contain caffeine.
  • Stop smoking because nicotine acts as well as caffeine.
  • Drugs: aspirin, diuretics, gentamicin may be the cause of tinnitus.
  • Another cause of tinnitus are problems with temporo-mandibular joint – for that you need a dental checkup.
  • Remedy: a few days, 2 times a day, apply a few drops of baby oil into the ear . It cleans the ear wax which may increase tinnitus.

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