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Joint Pain – causes, prevention and treatment

Joint Pain massageCalled osteoarthritis, today affects over 21 million people in the U.S. , in general women before age 50 and men before 45 years.

Joint pain called ‘I can not get out of bed’ affects mostly limb joints in women, hip, spine and the fist in men.

Causes and triggers of joint pain

– age – worsens the thinning, cracking and erosion of joint cartilage lining the bones and facilitates movement;

– existing injuries like sprains present from early life;

– muscle mass loss determines an increase of pressure on the joint;

– inflammation present in the small trauma lesions causes lytic lesions to the joints;

– excess of weight overloads and slows movement in the joint, especially on the knees, hips and lumbar spine. Every extra pound gained increases stress on the knee-joint up to 4 times.

How to prevent joint pain? Here are some simple tips to follow

1. Avoid inactivity. Sports decreases joint stiffness.

Are recommended sports as swimming, cycling, yoga and even walking, twice a week, but sports that do not overwhelm the joints and combined with relaxation exercises. When working at the computer take a right position (50 – 60 cm from the monitor with the upper edge at the top of the head level).

2. Weight loss. If you are overweight or obese be aware that a weight loss of 5 kg reduces up to 50 % of the pain.

3. Lift weights and train your limbs and abdominal muscles. Providing a good tonicity of the muscles it can be relieved the joint overload.

4. Ice wrapped in a towel is recommended to remedy pain and after exercise. It reduces the inflammation and lowers the accumulated synovial fluid.

5. Stand straight. Upright seating makes miracles and prevents back pain, also carry bags with two straps on the back and not on one shoulder and when you lift weights, bend your knees and not your back.

6. A healthy diet and avoid fast foods. Do not forget the benefits of foods rich in omega 3 acids that relieve pain and reduce inflammation and vitamin D that protects joints. A glass of milk contains 100 IU of vitamin D (you need 400-800 IU daily). Calcium is essential for healthy bones . It is found in abundance in milk but also in broccoli, figs and turnips. Vitamins A, C , E and selenium from the diet should be balanced because they have an important antioxidant role.

7. Hydrate.

8. Avoid excessive consumption of coffee (more than 2 cups ) , because coffee favors removal of calcium from the body and the formation of osteoporosis.

9. Enjoy massage and a warm bath to ease pain and relax muscles and joints. If you prefer massage, Swedish is the best for joint pain.

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