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Coffee and your health – risk and benefit

coffeeCoffee is one of the most daily consumed beverages; it has been deeply studied to determine the risks and the benefits that bring to our health.

Here is what you should know about coffee:

Beneficial effects upon the body – moderate coffee consumption; risks – overdrink (more that 2 cups).

  1. Reduces the sensation of fatigue (stimulates the central nervous system by inhibiting the adenosine which accumulates after the fatigue and has an inhibitory effect upon it;

  2. Improves the cognitive performance and maintains the vigilance alert, but if you overdrink it, could cause anxiety and insomnia and it is also correlated with the risk of stroke;

  3. Stimulates the intestinal peristalsis which means that is improves the transit and prevents constipation, but overdrinking it can produce gastric discomfort or ulcer;

  4. Reduces the risk of colorectal cancer;

  5. Has antioxidant activity (protects the cell from the carcinogen oxygen radicals);

  6. Decaffeinated coffee reduces the risks of type 2 diabetes, normal coffee can cause high “bad” cholesterol and/or blood pressure;

  7. Improves the respiration function for asthmatics, with the action of bronchodilators, relaxing the chest muscles and improving their mobility.

  8. Reduces the risk of developing the Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson, maintaining high levels of dopamine and preventing neuronal degeneration;

  9. Prevents tooth decay due to polyphenol content and overdrinking it causes their staining;

  10. Prevent kidney stones but overdrinking it the accelerated elimination of calcium in the urine can cause osteoporosis;

  11. It is not indicated for people with iron deficiency anemia because coffee reduces the iron levels in the body.

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