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Male hair loss – causes and treatment

alopecia hair lossAlso called as androgenic alopecia, is the most common form of alopecia affecting over 50% of men that are over 50 years old. You should know that this type of alopecia affects not only men but also women and is genetically determined.

The characteristic is the progressive loss of hair front-temporal and vertex. The appearance begins around the age of 30, maybe even 20, in this case, genetic determinism is much stronger and the prognosis worse with a stronger rate of evolution.

Factors influencing alopecia determines to shorten the anagen phase of the cycle pillar (growth phase that lasts between 2-5 years) and elongation of the telogen   phase (resting phase that lasts between 3-4 months).

These factors are:

  1. Genetics – transmission of this predisposition to alopecia is transmitted by the female line, which means that the man who has such problems, he inherited it from his mother or his family, and also his sister has accelerated hair loss.

  2. Vasculature – was found that the miniaturized follicles have a lower vascularization than the terminal hair that is richly vascularized.

  3. Androgen hormones – represents the central factor of alopecia whose importance has prompted its name. They are male-types sex hormones, whose growth, starting with puberty determine hair follicles genetically sensitive miniaturization, thinning, altered growth and fall.


The genetic factors are unchangeable. There are some topical solution (monoxide, recommended even for young people), systematic solutions (anti-androgen treatment, aiming at lowering the effect of androgens on hair) or surgical (hair implants, auto grafts  in pill harvested from the occipital area).

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