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Addison’s Disease – Symptoms, Analysis

Addison’s disease is characterized by chronic adrenal cortical insufficiency and may occur at all ages and a roughly equal gender distribution. In the etiology of this disorder may be incriminated the prolonged use of corticosteroids (cortisone, hydrocortisone, prednisone) for various affections. Due to the multitude of their action, cortical hormones are involved in the most […]

February 10, 2013, Adrenal Gland
Cushing Syndrome – causes, symptoms, treatment

Adrenals are two glands located at the upper pole of the kidney. The corticoadrenal gland is the peripheral one and consists of three areas: glomerular area – at this level mineralocorticoid hormones are secreted (aldosterone, dezoxicorticosteron); fasciculated zone – the area which produces glucocorticoid hormones (corticosterone, cortisol, cortisone); reticulated area – produces androgens (testosterone, androstenlion, […]

November 30, 2011, Adrenal Gland