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Wilson disease – symptoms, treatment

Wilson’s disease is a tezaurismosis described by Wilson, characterized by deposition of copper in tissues and the appearance of liver symptoms, neurological, ocular (Kaiser-Fleischer ring) and in other organs (kidney, bone, skin).┬áThe disease is genetic, with autosomal recessive transmission. At half of the patients the first symptoms appear in adolescence, only at 1% of patients […]

November 12, 2011, Brain Eye Liver
Treatments for acute conjunctivitis

The membrane that covers up the eyelids interior and covers the sclerotic (the white part of the eyes) is called conjunctiva. Acute conjunctivitis appears when this membrane is inflamed. When the conjunctivitis is inflamed, the eyes are irritated, red and you have the sensation that you have sand in your eyes. There can appear a […]

November 2, 2011, Eye Remedies