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Premenstrual Syndrome – Treatment

A week before the menstrual cycle some women suffer from premenstrual syndrome. It consists of: tender and painful breasts, headaches, emotional instability. These manifestations can even disrupt normal life of the woman. This syndrome occurs at a fairly large number of women (a third, even half) with an age between 20 and 50 years. The […]

July 17, 2015, Female Genital
Amenorrhea Causes – absence of menstrual cycle

Amenorrhea is a term that refers to: non-occurrence of the first menstrual cycle after age 16 (does not matter if there are secondary sexual characters). In this case it is called primary amenorrhea. absence of a menstrual cycle more than six months in women who had menstruation before. In this case it is called secondary […]

September 21, 2013, Female Genital
About Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual cycle. Menstruation is a woman’s monthly bleeding. When you have your period, damaged tissue from the uterus is removed. Menstrual blood flows from the uterus through a small opening of the  cervix and gets out in the body through the vagina. Most menstrual periods are 3-5 days. When menstrual periods are regular is called a cycle. Having a […]

November 30, 2011, Female Genital
Gonorrhea – transmission, symptoms, treatment

The gonorrhea is an infection produced by the bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhea. Initially, the bacterium affects the man’s urethra and the women cervix. The good news is that it can be cured and prevented. Gonorrhea symptoms: vary according to the infected genital region and sometimes the symptoms are nonexistent. The urethra infection (both at men […]

November 23, 2011, Female Genital Male Genital
Treatments and remedies for candida albicans

Remedies for candida infection. It doesn’t exist only as medical treatments, but also advises and remedies that can help you get rid of it or protect yourself from it.   Consult the doctor. It must be known that there are different types of candida with different responses to medicines, and some of them can be cured […]

November 18, 2011, Female Genital