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Cirrhotic ascites

Ascites is an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen that occurs as a complication of liver cirrhosis during evolution. The occurrence of ascites is due to decreased hepatic production of proteins (hypoalbuminemia), increased pressure in the portal system (portal hypertension) and lymphatic stasis. Even if a patient does not have ascites, but has cirrhosis, it […]

March 22, 2014, Liver
Liver cancer – hepatocellular carcinoma

Hepatocellular carcinoma is the name for primary liver cancer. It appears mainly at the patients with cirrhosis (80 – 90 of cases). It is estimated a mortality of 33% among the people with cirrhosis due to the hepatocellular carcinoma. The mortality in the U.S. is 14 000 per year. Causes The major risk for developing […]

March 22, 2014, Liver
Enlarged liver – causes and liver diseases

The simple palpation or inspection may reveal an enlarged liver. An enlarged liver, usually occurs in a disease that overloads the liver which is the main body metaboliser. The liver increases by hyperfunction and storage of metabolites. Correct palpation of the liver is made by the practitioner, but an enlarged liver can be easily revealed […]

March 30, 2013, Liver
Liver hydatid cyst – symptoms, tests, treatment

Hydatid cysts – symptoms, tests, treatment. Hydatid cyst is a cystic tumor that occurs in the liver (it can be located in lungs, kidneys, spleen, brain, bone, muscle, eye but with a much lower frequency) after infestation with the parasite called Taenia echinoccocus . This condition occurs with a frequency approximately equal in both sexes and interests […]

December 1, 2011, Liver
Hepatic steatosis – causes, symptoms, treatment

Hepatic steatosis popularly called as ‘fatty liver’ is a pathological aspect of liver, whose specific cells (hepatocytes) are filled with lipids (fats). It is a reversible liver disease: ‘is not still very ill, but cries for help’. Causes of hepatic steatosis: 1. Alcohol consumption produces alcoholic liver disease. Two-thirds of chronic alcohol consumers have fatty liver, alcoholic […]

November 13, 2011, Liver
Wilson disease – symptoms, treatment

Wilson’s disease is a tezaurismosis described by Wilson, characterized by deposition of copper in tissues and the appearance of liver symptoms, neurological, ocular (Kaiser-Fleischer ring) and in other organs (kidney, bone, skin). The disease is genetic, with autosomal recessive transmission. At half of the patients the first symptoms appear in adolescence, only at 1% of patients […]

November 12, 2011, Brain Eye Liver
Liver Abscess – causes, symptoms, treatment

Liver abscesses are suppurative processes (with formation of pus), located in the parenchyma (tissue) of the liver. The main germ responsible for the formation of liver abscess are: colibacillus, streptococci, staphylococci and anaerobes rarely. The circumstances in which microorganisms can invade the liver parenchyma are: – Wounds that liver is direct inoculated; – Blood way; – […]

November 8, 2011, Liver