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Scleroderma – causes, symptoms, complications

The disease called scleroderma is a chronic disease of the connective tissue characterized by obliteration of small arteries and capillaries, with fibrosis and degenerative lesions of skin and some organs. Scleroderma is a rare disease (<1 ‰) whose incidence increases with age (max: 20-40 years) and is more common in women. As causes and risk factors […]

Deviated nasal septum – treatment

Nasal septum is a wall of bone and cartilage which separates the 2 nasal fosses. It thus plays a role in directing air entering the nasal cavity. In deviated nasal septum may occur breathing problems with varying degrees of nasal obstruction, snoring at night, nasal bleeding (epistaxis) infections of the sinuses (sinusitis acute or chronic sinusitis). And […]

November 6, 2011, Nose