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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Ideal objective for the treatment of exocrine pancreatic cancer has two components: – Oncologic – tumor disappearance and the absence of recurrence and / or metastasis after 5 years of treatment with radical intent; – Functional – solving complications caused by expansive tumor in evolution: biliary retention, pancreatic retention, duodenal stenosis. This can be fully […]

January 30, 2015, Pancreas Pancreas
Chronic Pancreatitis Treatment

In chronic pancreatitis treatment consists of hygienic-dietary measures, medical treatment, endoscopic treatment and in some cases surgical treatment 1. Dietary regime: An imperative measure is complete cessation of alcohol. In addition, do not eat a lot of food at one meal, avoid products high in fat and protein. These foods can exacerbate pancreas pain by […]

January 29, 2015, Pancreas
Diet and exercise in the treatment of diabetes

Diet plays an essential role in the treatment and control of diabetes complications. This should be accompanied by exercise and quitting alcohol and smoking. Coffee consumption is permitted in small quantities and diluted. The diet is mandatory and is determined together with the doctor. He knows the formula for calculating caloric needs, tailored to each […]

April 17, 2013, Pancreas Treatments
Symptoms in pancreas diseases – pancreas pain

1. Pain In acute pancreatitits the pain appears suddenly and is consecutive to meals with high levels of fats and alcohol, it appears at those known with gallstones. Its location is in the upper part of the abdomen. It’s an atrocious pain and is followed by shock, vomiting food and bile. In chronic pancreatitis, the […]

August 29, 2011, Pancreas