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Hemorrhoids Sclerosing Treatment

Sclerosing hemorrhoids treatment is performed in order to suppress the hemorrhoidal venous circulation through a process of conjunctiva sclerosis and obliterans phlebitis. It is recommended only for internal hemorrhoids in stage 1. It is contraindicated in externalized¬†internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids because it causes pain, important bedsores and long-term inflammatory responses. It is also contraindicated […]

March 22, 2012, Rectum
Anal itching – causes, symptoms, treatment

Anal itching is a condition characterized by annoying anal itching, which sometimes leads to neurasthenia of the patient.¬†Most times, it is caused by local or general lesions (symptomatic pruritus). Local causes of anal itching. The most common: Ano-rectal hemorrhoids which maintain a constant moisture in anal region, favoring macerate; Warts and papillomas which disrupt the […]

January 14, 2012, Rectum
Remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are manifesting through intense pains, bleedings, mucous outflow, itches. Causes of hemorrhoids: age, genetic heritage, diet, defecation habits. What can you do in order to ameliorate hemorrhoids? During defecation do not force yourself because you create pressure that cause inflammation to the veins. If your motion is consistent there is the possibility for the […]

November 7, 2011, Rectum Remedies