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Peripheral Chronic Arthropathy

  Peripheral chronic arthropathy is defined as a chronic disease which affects the peripheral arteries (in the limbs). Atherosclerosis is the main risk factor in the development of peripheral chronic arthropathy.   Peripheral chronic arthropathy is defined as a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels which affects the blood flow and triggers specific symptoms. […]

October 5, 2015, Vessels
Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension occurs when the blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries rises above normal. Symptoms of pulmonary hypertension include: shortness of breath (dyspnea) during routine activities, fatigue, chest pain, pounding heartbeat. When the disease gets worse, its manifestations may limit any physical activity. There are three situations that may affect the pulmonary arteries and can […]

March 14, 2015, Vessels
Pulmonary Embolism

The pulmonary embolism represents the obstruction of the pulmonary arteries. Once the artery is obstructed, usually by one or more emboli, the blood oxygen level decreases and the pulmonary pressure increases. Pulmonary embolism caused by large thrombus can cause sudden death, usually within 30 minutes of the onset of symptoms. Smaller thrombi can cause irreversible […]

March 13, 2015, Vessels
Carotid Artery Disease

What is carotid artery disease? Carotid word comes from Greek and means “to numb”, which should not surprise us, if we think that the pressure applied to the carotid arteries (neck strangulation) causes rapid unconscious of the victim. Carotid artery disease is a serious health problem because it can cause stroke (CVA). The brain receives […]

November 7, 2014, Vessels
Transitory Ischemic Attack

Definition It is a neurological disorder manifested through paralysis, sudden loss of speech and which disappear in less than 24 hours. The main cause is represented by the occlusion of a cerebral vessel by a blood clot, which then dissolves spontaneously. This clot can either form on the spot, when the arteries are in poor […]

October 29, 2014, Vessels
Chronic obliterative arteriopathy of the inferior limbs

Chronic obliterative arteriopathy of the inferior limbs is arising from the development of atherosclerotic lesions which progressively obstruct the lumen of the arteries and creates a barrier to vascularization distal of the lower limbs. It is a marker of atherosclerotic general affection: arteritis patients present in 20-30% of cases significant carotid stenosis in 50% of […]

August 11, 2014, Vessels
Venous Thrombosis

Venous thrombosis – blood clotting inside the veins, either deep or superficial veins. Complications depend on the location of the venous thrombosis and the thrombus development. CAUSES of thrombosis In the ’20s, a famous pathologist, Virchow indicated that there are three main causes for blood clotting in the veins. These factors are called Virchow triad: Changes […]

July 29, 2014, Vessels
Doppler Ultrasound of the Carotid Arteries

The arteries that supply the brain with blood pass through the cervical region (neck). At this level they are easy to explore with ultrasound. Two internal carotid arteries (right and left) irrigate the most part of the brain in the anterior portion and the two vertebral arteries (right and left) supplying the rear portion of […]

July 28, 2014, Vessels
Ultrasound in Venous Disease

Lower limb venous system consists of a superficial system – immediately under the skin and deep system – surrounded by muscles and deep willing. The disease affects the superficial venous system causing varicose dilatation of the veins network. Regardless of the mechanism of production of varicose veins is important to realize that in standing, these […]

July 27, 2014, Vessels
Ascending Aorta – when and how it should be treated

The normal diameter of the ascending aorta increases with age as a result of two factors: the parietal tension and weakening of the wall strength with aging. Parietal tension is a physical quantity acting on the wall of a vessel (not just blood vessel, but any vessel, including another hollow organ such as the stomach […]

July 1, 2014, Vessels