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Early diagnosis in cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is about 12% of all cancer disease in women, occurring around the age of 48-52 years. Cervical cancer, most often starts from a moderate dysplasia in the cervix that progress to severe dysplasia and then a noninvasive cancer (cancer called “in situ”) that eventually install an invasive cancer . The time needed for crossing […]

Cervical Cancer – Symptoms, Signs

Unfortunately in cervical cancer the signs and symptoms are delayed and appear only in advanced stages and with a reduced chance of cure. The first signs are the watery secretions, but later it may contain blood and pus. Microinvasive cancer is completely asymptomatic. In the early stages the secretion is usually watery, thin, avoided by the patient. The first sign is a reduced drainage, odorless, usually with bloodgrooves, which typically occurs after micro traumatisms (during intercourse or vaginal irrigation). As […]

Cervical Cancer – Causes

Like all neoplasms, cervical cancer causes are unknown. However, the organ accessibility and epidemiological studies on population groups with high statistical validity showed a number of factors favoring the occurrence of disease: • women’s sexual activity – beginning at young age, especially in adolescence, multiple sexual partners, the first sexual act at a very young age increase […]